Dr. Elisha Mrabu

Dr. Mrabu is a research officer at KMFRI Mombasa. He has interest in Mangrove ecology and conservation. Specifically his interest is in Mangrove fauna where he has studied Gastropods behavior and Crustacean ecology and physiology, currently he is studying woodborer infestation in mangrove and the role of fungi in degrading mangroves.  He has 8 peer reviewed publications. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in Vrije Universiteite Brussels. Apart from Mangrove ecology He also has immense experience in seaweed farming.
Research Networks: ResearchGate
KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
Oceanography and Hydrology
Mangrove ecology
Mangrove macrobenthos studies along the Kenyan coastline and Mozambique, Mangrove wood anatomy and physiology studies in Brussels. Natural and non natural disturbances in Mangrove and Development and commercialisation of Seaweed Mariculture in South coast of Kenya
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