Dr. Chrispine Nyamweya

Dr. Chrispine Nyamweya is an experienced ecologist with a track record of success in ecological modeling, fisheries science, data science, and smart technologies. He is currently a Senior Research Scientist and Assistant Director at Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), where he has a successful 13-year research career. He specializes in utilizing simulation models to describe ecosystem functioning. Chrispine received a Doctorate Degree in Ecological Modeling from the University of Iceland in 2017. Chrispine built two models while in school: I ROMS to explain Lake Victoria circulation patterns and ii) Atlantis to characterize ecosystem functioning — the first end-to-end ecosystem model for Lake Victoria. He utilized the latter to forecast the best fishing approach for both the ecology and humans. Chrispine is extremely driven to apply his analytical talents to study data, uncover patterns, trends, and relationships, and identify action points for the long-term management of vulnerable ecosystems. Chrispine is a science communicator who is excited in using technology, big data, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to give decision assistance for ecosystem management. He holds international diplomas in Marine and Inland Waters, Resources, Monitoring, and Assessment, Fisheries Acoustics, Fishbase and Taxonomy, and Research Project Design. Chrispine is fluent in the statistical computer languages R and Python, as well as MySQL, which he uses to create and communicate with databases. He is dedicated to democratizing research by fostering collaborative networks and encouraging citizen science. He has developed a web-based database (https://kenyasdata.com) for KMFRI's Freshwater directorate, published more than 45 papers in SCI-indexed journals, and been an investigator in at least 20 national, regional, and international initiatives to promote this cause.

KMFRI Kisumu
Freshwater Systems Research/Limonology
Ecological modeling, Fisheries acoustics, Fish stock assessment
Ecosystem functioning, fish stock population dynamics, Big data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

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