Dr. Esther Fondo

Has worked in various national and international research projects undertaken in KMFRI, which include the Inventory of Mida Creek Biodiversity; and Status of Trawl Fishery of Malindi Ungwana Bay. She has also participated in the Biological Baseline Port Survey of Mombasa under the GloBallast program of IMO. Has undertaken a study of artisanal fishery in selected sites along the Kenyan coast; exploitation trends of Cephalopods in South Coast of Kenya and Mud crabs in the North Coast of Kenya. She holds a PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia, on the effects of fishing on ecosystem dynamics.

KMFRI Mombasa
Fisheries and Ecosystem Based Management
Ecosystem functioning, fisheries and fish stock assessment
  • Ph.D.
  • MSC
  • BSc
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