Collins is a research scientist at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) and a PhD Fish Biology student at in the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, whose project’s working title is, ‘Inter-annual variability in abundance of key fish and pelagic crustacean species in the Lake Victoria ‘natural laboratory: from ecosystem understanding to fisheries management’ and aims to improve the understanding of ecological dynamics of pelagic species in Lake Victoria, East Africa.. His interdisciplinary research experience covers aquatic ecology, biogeochemical processes, fisheries, water quality assessment, and associated interactive processes driving climate change in marine and freshwater ecosystems. His current work focuses on ecosystem integrity assessment in relation to fish stocks.

KMFRI Kisumu
Freshwater Systems Research
Fisheries and Environmental Sciences
Aquatic ecotoxicology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental & Aquatic Sciences, Limnology, Fisheries and Hydro-acoustics, Data Analysis,,
  • M.Sc (Environmental Studies (Health)
  • BSc.(Fisheries)
  • Registered by NEMA as an Environmental Impact Assessment/ Environmental Audit (EIA/EA) 
  • Lead Expert, Certificate Number 3073, Registered member of Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK)
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