Ms Cecilia Githukia is a Research Scientist in Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) in the Aquaculture division. She is also a PhD student at Kisii University in Fisheries Management. She holds an MSc Degree in Aquaculture and BSc in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences both from Moi University.  She also holds a certificate in International Post Graduate in Limnology from IHE-The Netherlands. She has participated in relevant short courses e.g. Responsible Aquaculture Development from Wageningen University & Research in Netherlands and Project Proposal Development from The Common Wealth Blue Charter. In the course of her research work in KMFRI, she has collaborated in the development and implementation of several projects funded by different donors such as LAVICORD, ASARECA, KAPAP and NRF and KCSAP. Ms. Githukia has been engaged in research activities in fish nutrition, fisheries and aquaculture socio economics and gender studies in the aquaculture value chain. She has co-authored 12 books and book chapters, 14 papers in peer reviewed journals and several technical reports. Currently, she is undertaking a KCSAP Project funded by the World Bank as the PI on “Development of novel nutrient-rich fish products for food and nutritional security in Western Kenya”. She has research interest towards realization of one of the four big agenda on food and nutrition security and SDG 2 on zero hunger and 5 on gender equality.

Research Network: Research Gate

KMFRI Kegati Aquaculture Centre
Fish nutrition, Fisheries and Aquaculture Socioeconomics and Gender studies in Fisheries
Fisheries Socioeconomics and Marketing, Gender studies in Fisheries with an aim of improving livelihoods for for food and nutrition security and employment creation..

2017 to date: PhD in Fisheries Management, Kisii University, Kenya.

2009-2012: MSc in Aquaculture. Moi University, Kenya.

2005-2009: BSc in Fisheries and Aquatic science. Moi University, Kenya.

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Book and Book chapters

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  • Member of Eastern Africa Water Association (EAWA)
  • Member of Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in Sub Saharan Africa (SARNISSA)
  • Member of Aquatic Ecosystem Health and management Systems (AEHMS)