Beatrice Obegi

Beatrice has worked in Both Marine and Freshwater Systems. She has an MSc. In Marine Ecosystem Based Management and Climate Change from Vietnam and a BSc. Degree in Environmental Science from Egerton University.  She has worked as a Laboratory Technologist for more than ten years. She worked in many projects such as KBP, Marine Park Environmental Monitoring e.t.c.. She has published twelve research papers and written many proposals. She has several collaborations with Kisii University, Egerton University,, Multimedia university and Catholic University of Eastern Africa. She is a Member of SIL (International Society of Limnology). She is currently undertaking her PhD program in Limnology at Kisii University.


  • Monitoring of environmental status of Lake Naivasha
  • Developing research proposals
  • Publishing research articles
  • Conducting ecological research both individual & participatory
  • Disseminating Research findings
  • Working on zooplankton and phytoplankton's
  • Research on water quality
  • Lake Naivasha monitoring project, Fish catch and stock assessment
  • Collecting climatic Change data
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Nutrients, trace metals. Primary productivity analysis.
  • Searching donor funding
  • Students Supervision

Location: KMFRI Naivasha

Department: Freshwater Systems

Specialization: Environmental Science

Research Interests: Environmental & Aquatic Sciences, Chemical Oceanography & Limnology, Climate Change Scenarios, , Aquaculture, Socio-economics, Sustainability Sciences, Ecology, Data Analysis



  • PhD student in Kisii University (On-going)
  • Marine resource-based management and climate change ( Nha Trang University,    Vietnam)
  • Environmental Science ( Second Class Honours Upper division Egerton University)
  • Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (Mombasa Technical Training institute)
  • Craft Science Laboratory Technology(Mombasa Technical Training institute)

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