Amina Makori

Ms Amina Makori is a Marine Geologist within Oceanography and Hydrography department. She involved in identification of geomorphological features and bathymetry studies through seafloor mapping research of Kenya’s EEZ as well as sedimentology studies of marine and estuarine environments. As a result, she is conversant with use of various acoustic, geospatial and remote sensing imagery systems.

Prior to her work in KMFRI, Ms Makori has worked in various sector of geological research ranging from gold, oil and gas exploration and mining. She worked in National data center at National Oil Corporation of Kenya as an Oil and Gas data manager/analyst. She has also worked in the Acacia gold mining company within Western Kenya region, as a graduate geologist.

As a result of working in various fields of geology, her key interest in are in seafloor mapping studies as well as geomorphological studies. She is keen in the application of geophysical (geoacoustic/seismic) technologies and GIS in her research. She is also interested in geological modelling in the assessment and evaluation of geological resources

She holds a BSc. in Geology from University of Nairobi.

Location: KMFRI Mombasa

Department: Oceanography and Hydrography

Specialization: Marine Geology

Research Interests: Geology of the oceans, marine geomorphology, marine sedimentology, the mineral wealth of the oceans, oil and gas exploration, marine paleoclimate and paleoenvironment studies and management of marine data.


Qualifications: Bsc. in Geology