Veronica Wanjeri
KMFRI Mombasa
Oceanography and Hydrography
Environmental Chemistry
Analytical chemistry, Radionuclides, Biogeochemistry, Emerging organic pollutants, nanotechnology, ocean acidification, biotoxins,
  • Master of Technology in Applied Chemistry, University of Johannesburg in South Africa
  • Bachelor of Technology in Applied Chemistry, Technical University of Mombasa
  • Higher diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  • Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

 Membership to professional bodies 

  • Member of Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
  • Member of Women in Nuclear Kenya
  • Wanjeri, V.W.O., Okuku, E.O., Barsanti, M., Schirone, A., Delbono, I., Owato, G. & Delfanti, R. (2021) Baseline radionuclide and heavy metal concentrations in sediments of Sabaki River estuary (Kenya, Indian Ocean). Marine Pollution Bulletin, 164, 112033.
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