Samwel Mwaburi

He started working at KMFRI in July 2019. He is an early career marine biotechnologist who champions Omics research. He actively implements environmental DNA techniques to complement conventional aquatic biodiversity assessment methods and works on fish whole genomes to unravel ecological and physiological mysteries. He is passionate about mentoring young scientists (undergraduate students on industrial attachments and graduate students on internships). 
He is skilled in Bioinformatics and proficient in R programming language. His routine activities include the extraction of nucleic acids, next-generation sequencing, and data analysis.
Currently, he is working on the application of AI to understand the secrets of aquaculture metagenome.


  • WIOMSA - MARG I Grant, 2020.
  • MEXT PhD Scholarship, 2021.

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KMFRI Mombasa
Fisheries (Molecular biology/Biotechnology)
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Fish genomics, metagenomics, eDNA and marine biodiversity.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology: MSc. Biotechnology

Technical University of Kenya: B.Tech. Biotechnology



  • Mwamburi, S. M., Mbatia, B. N., Remmy, K., Kirwa, E. M., & Naumih, N. (2019). Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates by hydrocarbonaclastic bacteria.
  • Teresia, N. W., Huxley, M. M., Carren, M. B., Suleiman, S. M., Samuel, M. M., & Cromwell, M. K. (2020). Isolation and morphological characterization of endophytic fungi isolated from mangrove plants along the Kenyan coastline. African Journal of Microbiology Research, 14(10), 594-607.
  • Ohowa, B. O., Kiteresi, L. I., Wanjeri, V. W., Mwamburi, S. M., & Tunje, S. L. (2021). Sponges as simple biomonitoring tools for trace element pollution in marine environments: insights from a Kenyan study focused on the leaf sponge Phyllospongia foliascens. African Journal of Marine Science, 43(4), 533-538.
  • Kiti, H. M., Kibiti, C. M., Munga, C. N., Odalo, J. O., Guyo, P. M., & Mwamburi, S. M. Molecular characterization and antibacterial activities of mangrove endophytic fungi from coastal Kenya.