Dr. Peter Odote
My name is Dr. Peter Michael Oduor-Odote (PhD) and I work as a Principal Research Officer at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute in Mombasa Kenya. I hold a PhD degree from the University of Surrey (UK).
I am also the Business Development Manager at KMFRI whose objective is to look at opportunities in KMFRI for income generation. In an extracurricular career, I am involved in ROTARY and I am currently the President of the Rotary Club of  Mombasa Nyali  
Research Networks: Research Gate
KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
Fish Quality Control, Value Addition, Post-Harvest Technologies, Feeds and bioprospecting
(i) Post harvest control in the cold chain where I have fabricated a low cost and light fish insulated holding container which can be placed next to people’s homes and cool fish as long as there is ice (ii) I have now developed the improved process line for Dagaa processing in the south coast by introducing improved boiling vessels for marine dagaa and processing drainage racks and boiling cylinders for dagaa eliminating the use of plastic containers for boiling the fish which can release carcinogenic materials (iii) I have improved the mama karanga box to have sliding roofs to aid in seeing fish more easily (iv) In fish post-harvest control technologies I with others have successfully designed and implemented improved fish drying racks, solar dryers, solar tunnel dryers and lately the Hybrid windmill solar tunnel dryer, a patented innovation installed in Kipini Kenya for drying in both damp and dry weather conditions using green energy -sun and wind as sources of renewable energy complementing each other. (v) In value addition and fish product development, we have developed and patented a rack dried value added Dagaa product “Rack dried Kimalawari is soy sauce”.
  • PhD

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