Noah Ngisiang'e
Noah Ngisiange is intrested in application of computational and geo-informatics science to solve real world problems

KMFRI Mombasa
Oceanography and Hydrography
Robotics, climate change monitoring, Mapping, computational modelling and hydroaccoustics
Predictive scenario assessment, early warnings systems
  • Phd Fellow, DEEP, University of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Master of Science in Computer Systems (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in business information technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies
  •  Diploma in Computer Studies
  • Jenoh EM, Robert EMR, Lehmann I, Kioko E, Bosire JO, Ngisiange N, (2016) Wide Ranging Insect Infestation of the Pioneer Mangrove Sonneratia alba by Two Insect Species along the Kenyan Coast. PLoS ONE11(5): e0154849.
  •  Ngisiange NN, Rimiru R, Okeyo G, Wambiji N, Aura C (2016) Multi-Agent Systems and Distributed Constraint Satisfaction for Decision Support in Marine Ecosystem Management. J Comput Sci Syst Biol 9:154-162. doi:10.4172/ jcsb.1000233
  • C Kosore, L Ojwang,J Maghanga,J Kamau, A Kimeli, J Omukoto, N Ngisiang’e, J Mwaluma, H Ong’ada, C Magori  E Ndirui (2018) Occurrence and ingestion of microplastics by zooplankton in Kenya's marine environment: first documented evidence . AJMSC 40(3):225-234
  • A Kimeli, P Thoya, N Ngisiang’e, H Ong’anda, C Magori (2018) Satellite-derived bathymetry: A case study of Mombasa Port Channel and its approaches, Kenya Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science 17 (2), 93-102