Jared Miruka
He has been working in domain of aquatic plants for a long time. He has trained in Kisii University with a master’s degree in Limnology in December 2021, BSc in Fisheries and Aquatic in November 2014. Diploma in applied Biology in 2009 at Gusii Institute of Technology. He has carried out more than 12 Research projects including International Foundation of Science, European Union, Inter-University of East Africa, National Research Fund, and Cage culture ,Lake Victoria Environmental Management both Phase one and Two ,Kenya Coastal Development Project, National Research Fund. He has participated in international consultancies on assessing levels of microcystin in Lake Victoria and other small water bodies. The main output are as follows, he has development strategies for eutrophication control, enhancement of environmental quality (biodiversity conservation) and improved fisheries production, Dissemination of research finding in peer reviewed journals, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences. Lectureship on environmental issues and natural resource management to visiting university students and other educational organizations. Besides, he has been involved in the planning, preparing budgets, execution of research projects and writing of technical reports. He is undergoing PhD in limnology

KMFRI Kisumu Research Centre
Freshwater Systems Research
Limnology ,Plankton Ecology and Algal Toxins
Algal Toxin and dynamics ,Plant nutrients, Remote Sensing and GIS Environmental & Aquatic Sciences, Limnology, Climate Change, Fisheries, Aquaculture, , Ecology, Data Analysis, Plankton and Algal Toxins scenarios.
  • BSc in Fisheries and Aquatic

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