Kenneth Werimo
Mr. Werimo has worked at KMFRI for over 34 years along the inland lakes of Kenya, notably Lakes Victoria, Turkana, Baringo and Naivasha. During this period he has gained a wide range of experience in fish post-harvest management and environmental safety.  He has also coordinated the LVEMP Phase I and LVFRP, both regional projects on Lake Victoria covering Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. He has contributed to the development of a number of key documents which are instrumental in the management of Fish Quality Assurance and Marketing initiated under the regional project on the Implementation of a Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP). The key highlights in post-harvest management was the research on Lake Turkana under the Lake Turkana Research Project (LTRP) which resulted in the development of a fish solar dryer that has since been registered as a Utility Model by the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI).He has investigated parasites of public health concern in Lake Turkana .Member of Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK) and   registered by NEMA as an EIA/EA Lead Expert.
Research Network: ResearchGate

KMFRI Sangoro Aquaculture Station
Fish Post-Harvest Management and Environmental Safety
Technologies to reduce fish post- harvest losses, Fish and environmental Safety
  • M.Sc.(Biochemistry),UON
  • B.Sc. (Zoology/Biochemistry-Aquatic Ecology-Marine & Fresh Water).


  • Environmental Impact Assessment/Audit ;Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Social Environmental Assessment (SIA)
  • Agribusiness Development and Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Certificate in Food Processing, Quality Assurance and Marketing
  • Certificate in Artisanal Fish Processing

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Patents/Utility Model:
  • Registration from Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) No.KE/2010/001061 for ‘Raised Polyethylene Fish Solar Dryer. (2016)