Josyline Kendi

Eng. Josyline is currently an Assistant Research Scientist in Aquaculture Engineering affiliated with the mariculture department. She is early career research scientist with 2 years of experience in the research field. Josyline has a vast knowledge in the design and interpretation of structural drawings for various culture systems; conversant with the structural engineering standards; and well acquainted with design and modelling software including AutoCAD, MATLAB and Prokon. Her research extends collaboratively across multiple disciplines to advance the understanding of the complex culture systems and their optimization to inform on the most efficient culture system designs.  Josyline incorporates numerical modelling and field measurements to improve understanding of the complex engineering systems. She mainly focuses on the development and application of modelling tools to better predict and design the most optimal culture systems.

She has participated in the CSAPP project implementation with funds from European Union (EU) and is currently participating in implementation of three ongoing research and developmental projects. She is a member of Contract Implementation Team for the provision of outsourced construction works at KMFRI which oversees the outsourced contractual works to ensure they meet the required standard in line with the institute’s core mandate.

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KMFRI Mombasa Centre
Aquaculture (Mariculture)
Aquaculture Engineering systems research and development; culture systems design, Hatchery facilities design and Management;
Optimal culture systems design, efficient aquatic systems, Hatchery facilities design,

B.Sc. Civil Engineering (Structural Engineer), 2nd Upper Class Hons, Technical University of Mombasa

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  • Member of Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and Institute of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) - G.E
  • Member of African Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE)
  • Member of Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in Sub Saharan Africa (SARNISSA)