Jacob Abwao

Jacob Abwao is a research scientist based in Sagana aquaculture centre. I have had over 10 years of experience in areas of fish nutrition and fish breeding. Through my job engagement, I have interacted with fish farmers through training.  Am currently leading a team of scientists on selective breeding of both the catfish and Nile tilapia in Sagana centre.  This is one of the activities of the Kenya climate smart Agriculture project. Am also spearheading the domestication of indigenous species like Labeo victorianusOreochromis jipe and tilapia baringoensis. My other research study is on the feasibility of cage culture in the ASAL focusing on the community around the seven folks dams in Embu and Machakos counties. I have performed socio economic studies on the role of women in the cage culture value chain in Homabay County. As part of my doctorate studies am doing assessment of genetic diversity and structure of Nile tilapia, O. niloticus in Kenya for optimization of aquaculture and conservation. I do supervise students on attachment and train farmers and hatchery managers on the good aquaculture practices.  I was involved in proposal development of the Kenya climate smart Agriculture project, which has been awarded.

Publications:  Research gate link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jacob_Abwao2    

Linked in :   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-abwao-70463837/

KMFRI Sagana Aquaculture Station
Fish breeding and seed production, fish genetics, cage culture systems.
• Genetic assessment of tilapia in the fresh water system in Kenya for aquaculture development and conservation • Selective breeding of Nile tilapia and catfish for the improvement of fingerlings quality in Kenya • Assessment of the culture potential of the indigenous species and there adaptation to climate change • Alternative protein sources in the formulation of aqaufeed in Kenya • The feasibility of cage culture for food security and economic empowerment of the ASAL community

Current: Student at the University of Nairobi pursuing PhD Degree in Animal Genetics and Breeding

2015-2017: University of Eldoret, Master of Science in Aquaculture

2001-2005: Moi University, Eldoret-Kenya, Bachelor of Science in      Fisheries and Aquatic sciences

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Books and Book Chapters

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Membership to Professional Bodies

  • Member of Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in Sub Saharan Africa (SARNISSA)
  • Member of the United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme, East African alumni (UNFTP- EA)