Harrison Onganda

Joined the Institute in 1988 in training position after completion of a BSc degree in Mathematics and Statitics from the University of Nairobi.  Proceeded in 1990 to a Master’s degree program in Marine Ecology at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium.  Professional contributions have been many and varied.  Implemented the first GIS based Kenya coastal resource database and atlas.  Involved in ocean data management through the IOC-UNESCO beginning in 1997 to date.  Is presently coordinating the Kenya National Oceanographic Data Center (KeNODC).  Has been involved in data management components for major projects in the WIO region including the SWIOFP and ASCLME projects.  Presently chairing the WIO task group on Marine Spatial Planning and also leading the data process for the cumulative impacts assessment under the WIOSym Norway initiative.  Lastly been conducting and coordinating short trainings for scientists being implemented at the OTGA Regional Training Center (RTC) in KMFRI Mombasa, targeting mainly the English speaking countries in Africa.

KMFRI Mombasa
Data and Knowledge Management
Marine Spatial Planning, Data science, GIS and Remote Sensing
Spatial data applications and knowledge management
hochieng2003@gmail.com; hochieng2003@yahoo.com
  • MSc, post graduate diploma GIS & Remote Sensing
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