Aquaculture laboratories

The function of KMFRI laboratory services include:- Provision of technical services in field and laboratory under various research programmes; collection, preservation, storage and analysis of samples; maintenance of laboratory records and processing of experimental data; basic maintenance of scientific equipment for training and supervision of students on attachment and internship; developing, validating and implementing standard operating procedures in specified laboratories; developing of appropriate specifications for laboratory chemicals and equipment; formulating laboratory quality control procedures; evaluating laboratory services; coordinating provision of services in a specialized laboratory; ensuring implementation of good laboratory practices; facilitating preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment; undertaking technical evaluation of quotations and tenders for laboratory supplies; and monitoring and evaluation of laboratory services.
Fully installed Mac Donald tilapia egg hatching and fry production unit at Sagana’s ultra-modern hatchery. It consists of egg holding jars, a bio-filter, and water delivery pipes and holding tank. It is capable of accelerating the hatching of tilapia eggs. 
A dissecting microscope used for low magnification of samples. Mainly used at the centre for observation of benthic invertebrates, zooplanktons, gut contents of fish and other observations requiring low magnification
Compound microscope used for achieving higher levels of magnification.
A shimadzu Analytical balance used measurements of weight in the preparation of analytical reagents.
Top load balance used for routine weighing of ingredients and for fish weights in weight determinations
 Member of technical team using a multi-parameter in monitoring the water quality conditions in a concrete pond.
A vacuum Oven  used In Sagana Laboratory for routine drying of samples and for use in samples requiring low pressure.
A microtome  used to cut extremely thin slices of materials for microscopy. It allows for the preparation of samples for observation under transmitted light.
A shimadzu double beam spectrophotometer used for quantitative colorimetric analysis. It is used for nutrients, chlorophyll and any other colorimetric analysis.
Incubation oven Used for microbiological work as well as for general laboratory drying of samples
Technical team attached to value addition department filling the sausage filler in preparation for sausage making
Deep fryer used in frying fish sausage, fish ball, and fish fingers  in the value addition department
Sausage stuffer  for sausages in Sagana Centre value addition unit
Demonstration tent used to display Sagana Kmfri product  at research exhibition
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