Mariculture research

Arising from the mandate of the Directorate of Aquaculture Research, the Mariculture Research Department is responsible for undertaking research in culturing aquatic organisms in the marine and coastal environment in order to generate knowledge for the sustainable management and development of the Blue Economy resources for enhanced socio-economic benefits to Kenyans. The research has focused on culture of marine finfish, shellfish, seaweeds and estuarine water shellfish prawns.

The department has explored use of intertidal ponds, floating cages and rafts and line methods for seaweed farming. To enhance adoption of technology, the department undertakes participatory research with communities and farmers. There are strategic efforts to develop a modern marine hatchery in the Shimoni area to support seed production. Species with research information available for expansion include; Milkfish, Rabbitfish, Silver pompano, Freshwater and Marine tilapia, Marine and Freshwater prawns, Mud crabs, Sea cucumbers, Artemia and Seaweeds.

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